About Us

What is Bihar Ka Sartaj concept?

Our main focus is to enhance the participants, who are talented but not getting the right platform to show their talent to the world. We believe that Bihar Ka Sartaj is the starting platform where you can step in for your future in dance. Bihar Ka Sartaj appreciate the best performers and also provide the prize money and trophies to the winners to boost their confidence. Bihar Ka Sartaj gives you the chance to show your talent and skills to the right people so that you will get to know about your mistakes and correct yourself. We know in today’s world, various dance auditions are taking place and some of them does the fake promises as well, but Bihar Ka Sartaj is totally new concept and our main motto is to keep the trust of the people and make our show a huge success. Everyone enjoys a little attention and recognition for their talents. Bihar Ka Sartaj gives you that opportunity.

About Programme

Hello Everyone,

Good News for you all. Race Media is presenting a whole new concept of dance reality show in India. The concept is something new as the show will be totally digital entertainment. All the videos will be uploaded to our official YouTube Channel to reach the whole world and Show on Television. The best performances will be shared and promoted on other social media platforms to provide our contestants a recognition worldwide.

“Bihar Ka Sartaj” is organized by RaceMedia. People who don’t want to waste their talents somewhere in life and passionate about dancing can join our dream team. All you have to do is to register on our website http://racemedia.in/biharkasartaj/addform.aspx and pay a small registration fee of Rs. 500/- only. We are taking this registration fee just to avoid the crowd of fake registration, as we are serious about our participants and their passion.

Contestants will not need to have any special training and qualification. All we want in our contestants is talent, passion and willpower.

If you think you can dance then this platform is for you, let the world know you and your talent. If you still wondering what will this show will give you, then please note that we will give you an international platform to perform and a social recognition through our various channels on YouTube,Biharpatrika,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus etc. This show will not only provide you a chance to perform on stage but also give you name and fame throughout the world.

The whole episodes of the show will be recorded by our professional cinematographers and uploaded to our official YouTube channel followed by the promotion on social media platforms. The whole show will be in three rounds, the first round will be direct auditions, the second round will be judged by our professional judges and the third will be the Grand Finale which will be a live dance performance.

You can choose your own favorite songs to perform while participating and choose your own choreography for your performance. Our Judges are not well known celebrities but they are professional in this field and expert for fair judgement. We can hire celebrity judges but we believe in investing on our contestants and their promotion rather than hiring celebrity judges.